Service, quality and safety.


We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, customer service and value for money.


ECR Equipements can deliver certificates of compliance with all of our products. For instance : material certificates, calculation notes  for special equipment, inspection document,  operating and maintenance instructions, in French or English.

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Our products, unless specifically requested by you, are designed  with no load-bearing welds. We can carry out non-destructive testing of welding through agnetoscopy, ultrasounds or dye penetrant method.

We also offer strap strength test based on the standard of Working Load Limit x 1.5 or more, upon special request, validated by approved organizations (Dekra, Apave,..).


Quality and safety approach

We aim at fostering quality and safety within our designs, through our production processes and in our after-sale service:

  • All our products comply with the French norms NF EN 13155+A2 (2009), the European norm n°2006/42/CE as well as the FEM Regulations ( European Federation of Material Handling)
  • Thanks to our IT department and our computer database, we guarantee the traceability of our products and their components.
    In addition, our consistent labelling enables us to track back all our products even in the event of a resale.
  • All our products are delivered with a CE plate and signage in riveted steel to ensure that the lifting equipment’s identification is permanent.
  • As we strive to bring ongoing improvements to our products and processes, our employees are regularly trained and welders are qualified according to the EN287-1/A2 norm. All our welding procedures comply with the APAVE regulations (QMOS).
  • All our products are designed and produced in France, in our factory based in Charente-Maritime. In order to ensure the highest reactivity, all our suppliers are closely located to our facility.

An environment-friendly raw material

Steel is a durable and ecological staple. As it is 100% recyclable, and can be recycled again and again, its generates no wastage.

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Etude conception réalisation Equipements, Outils de levage :Palonniers, Pinces, Cés, Potences, Portiques et autres auxiliaires de levage et de manutention.