Bespoke lifting beams and grippers

We design and produce bespoke lifting beams and grippers according to your technical specifications.

Find below a few examples of our specific equipment, designed for particular requests.

All our products are built without load-bearing welds and in accordance with the French and European directives.

palonniers spécifiques Pl circulaire

palonniers spécifiques Pl cadre 35Tpalonniers spécifiques DSCF0701palonniers spécifiques DSC_0061

 palonniers spécifiques 2 entrepontspalonniers spécifiques 2 Pl spécifiques

For our standardized beams, visit our online shop,

Etude conception réalisation Equipements, Outils de levage :Palonniers, Pinces, Cés, Potences, Portiques et autres auxiliaires de levage et de manutention.