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We specialize in designing and manufacturing heavy lifting tools. Upon request, we can also develop bespoke designs to answer your specific requirements.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a quote.

Our best-sellers are the following products:

  • Fixed spreader beams, Adjustable spreader beams for double lifting slings or with central ring.
  • Equalizing spreader beams
  • Flame cut beams (reduced thickness)
  • Frame shaped spreader beams
  • Spreader beams for Big Bag
  • X spreader beam, H-bar spreader beam, fixed or adjustable
  • Motorised specific beams
  • Standard and specific clamps
  • Hooks
  • Jib and gantry cranes
  • forklift trucks accessories : Forks extender, spreader beam, fixed and adjustable gantry crane, booms…
  • Other specific products : special grippers, pallet lift, trolleys, specific racks, fairlead…

“We create individualised products that correspond to your needs and expectations” .

produit DSCF0092 produit DSCF0742

Bespoke lifting beams and grippers

We design and produce bespoke lifting beams and grippers according to your technical specifications.

Find below a few examples of our specific equipment, designed for particular requests.

All our products are built without load-bearing welds and in accordance with the French and European directives.

palonniers spécifiques Pl circulaire

palonniers spécifiques Pl cadre 35Tpalonniers spécifiques DSCF0701palonniers spécifiques DSC_0061

 palonniers spécifiques 2 entrepontspalonniers spécifiques 2 Pl spécifiques

For our standardized beams, visit our online shop,

Fixed single beams with central ring

Download our catalogue.
Visit our online shop, You will find our standardized single beams for suspension from above via a central ring.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a quote.

Photo palonniers monopoutres anneau central crochets doubles

 Fixed single beams with central ring

Fixed single beams with central ring are the most commonly used beams. Thanks to their short headroom, these beams are the best solution for workshops use, with a jib and gantry crane.

Single beams with central ring also exist in adjustable versions, making them even more versatile.

Furthermore, hooks or shackles slots can be added to the lower coupling points.

Eventually, all our single beams with central ring are built without load-bearing welds and in accordance with the French and European directives.



Our vision

Our company, ECR ÉQUIPEMENTS, specializes in designing and manufacturing heavy lifting tools. The common values we share with our clients, partners and contributors are those of care, reactivity and quality. We operate in various fields like construction, foundry, steel, harbour, airport, aerospace, railway and petrochemical industries.

Our mission

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we aim at efficiently fulfilling your expectations and specific needs regarding heavy lifting tools and handling equipements. Our means are the following:

  • A reactive and dynamic design office, specialised in the calculation and creation of lifting tools. Through our 3D computer-aided design software, the design department offers a pragmatic and efficient approach of a project’s specification, and the research of reliable solutions adapted to your technical and financial preferences.
  • An integrated production unit, constituted of a team specialised in mechanical welding and sheet metal work. In addition, due to team’s industrial painting skills, orders can be completed meeting the highest quality standards and within a limited period of time.
  • A strong collaboration with our suppliers and subcontractors. Our relationships with stakeholders is based on trust and reactivity. In order to foster quality and techniques evolution, we may ask advices to our suppliers in their core business.
  • Offers from partners, experts in their field, to validate our products.